Say Cheese
Title: Say Cheese
Author: Phoenix_Flame
Rating: PG-13
Summary: My version of How Craig and John Paul got those Photo’s John Paul pulled out of his pocket in the Bunny Cricket/Romeo and Juliet Episode.

Say Cheese

John Paul laughed as Craig pulled him in to the supermarket. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“You’ll see.” Craig answered, grinning as he leaded John Paul forwards. Hey half-run, Craig not letting go of John Paul’s hand. No one knows them here. And that’s making him feel freer then he possibly ever could feel in the Hollyoaks village. They make their way to their destination. Craig opened the curtain pulling John Paul in to the Photo Booth.

“Are you serious?” John Paul asks.

“Course I am. Why wouldn’t I be? You too ashamed to have your photo taken with me now?”

John Paul gave a squeeze to Craig’s hand, resisting the urge to kiss Craig like he wanted. “Course not.”

Noticing John Paul’s gaze had moved to his lips, that brief look of longing flashing in John Paul’s eyes, Craig pulled the curtain shut, blocking out everyone else but them. He leaned forward indulging John Paul wish and his by pecking John Paul on the lips.

He grinned as he heard John Paul’s teasing ‘you call that a kiss?’ As he leaned over rolling the money in to the slot. He moved back, pulling John Paul towards him, pressing his lips to John Paul’s kissing him deeply barely noticing the flash of the camera.

He pulled away grinning, He and John Paul went from there posing variously as the camera kept flashing, Craig finding him self glad that he’d paid for two different sets of pictures. After the camera flashed for the seventh time, John Paul pulled Craig to him, letting their lips meet once again. Neither of them registering the Camera flashing for the eighth time until they pulled away from each others lips.

They made their way out of the booth, Craig snatching them up before John Paul could, and smiling as he saw them he put them in his pocket. “I paid for them.” He teased. Him and John Paul walking out of the supermarket and getting the Bus home. Craig shushed John Paul’s questions making idle chit chat until they made it in to the McQueen Home. After which when John Paul asked about the Photo’s again Craig shrugged and moving to stand on the bottom step. “If you want them…You’ll have to catch me first.” He grinned, before running up the stairs, and straight in to John Paul’s room.

John Paul wasted no time in chasing after him. Catching up with him quickly and shutting his bedroom door behind him before he tackled Craig on to his bed, pushing his hand near Craig’s pocket, until Craig pulled him closer, John Paul getting distracted and Craig pressed their lips together. Getting lost in the softness of Craig’s lips as he usually did.

His hand moved away from Craig Jeans to pull on Craig’s cardigan, John Paul pulling it off as quickly as he could.

Craig began pulling off John Paul’s hoodie. “Changed your focus quick didn’t you?” He teased.

“Well, How could I resist the softest lips in Hollyoaks, eh?” John Paul countered, leaning down to kiss pre-mentioned lips.

Craig stifled a laugh, deciding to focus solely on Getting John Paul and himself naked in the fastest time possible.

They quickly got each other undressed, Moans echoing from inside John Paul’s room as they lost themselves in the pleasure that they had gotten so accustomed too with each other.

Craig smiled as he watched John Paul sleep, before he rolled over, making his way out of bed, He collected his clothes and got dressed, as quietly as possible. He felt the pangs of longing to stay but knew he had to go and do a shift at The Dog.

He reached in to his Jeans, smiling as an idea came to him. He opened John Paul’s drawer. Glad that he knew John Paul would be wearing his Favourite Jeans the next day. He Pulled the two strips of Photo’s out of his pocket picking his favourite he put it back in his pocket, smiling as he moved to John Paul’s desk, folding the strip of photo’s he had left over and picking up a pen, he added a heart and a kiss. He quietly lifted John Paul’s Jeans Depositing the now signed strip of photo’s in to the back pocket of John Paul’s Jeans, he closed the drawer.

He watched as John Paul began to awake, taking a seat on the side of the bed, smiling as John Paul opened his eyes, looking sleepily at him. “Where you doing?2 John Paul asked.

“Shhh, I’ve gotta go put a shift in tonight, Go back to sleep John Paul.” He leaned down, kissing John Paul’s lips and pulling the blanket over him further, smiling at John Paul’s response of alright. He got up and left, shutting John Paul’s bedroom door behind him. He walked outside, making his way to The Dog. A smile fixed firmly on his face as he thought of His John Paul.

The End

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Messenger Chapter 14
Kiss me Craig

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Chapter Fourteen

Craig stepped towards John Paul. “What...What do you mean that you can’t…I thought this was what we wanted.” Craig stammered. How could he understand this, god he didn’t want John Paul to leave him…Not again. He didn’t want to have to ride that escalator alone nor have to sit in his seat waiting to arrive in Dublin alone. He’d done it once; He couldn’t do it again…Not without John Paul.

“I do, it is. But the last time we tried, it didn’t exactly work out well did it, I had a reason for why I walked away Craig and no matter how much I wanna forget about it I can’t.”

“Is that really what’s holding you back John Paul, Are you sure it’s not something else?”

“Of course not…I wish I could just shut up and be with you and I can’t.”

“John Paul, It’s not about anyone else, it’s just about who you fall in love with. So answer me this. Do you love me? Because if you do then nothing and no one else matters. Except for us. There’s never gonna be a guarantee. We could screw this up. But maybe we won’t. John Paul, Are you willing to take that chance with me? Or are you gonna leave and go back to without me again because you’re still too scared that we won’t last.”

“Craig…” John Paul started, before he hiked his Bag back up to his shoulder. “It’s You. You Know, It’s always been you. I love you, more then anything. I’m not going back. We could completely mess this up but you’re right. We won’t know if we don’t try. So Yeah, I’m coming with you…I’m not running away again. I love you Craig Dean.”

Craig nodded. “I love You John Paul McQueen.” He turned back to the escalators before turning back to John Paul; He walked forward, pressing his lips to John Paul’s. Taking delight in the grin that made its way on to John Paul’s lips. “You coming or what?” Craig asked.

He and John Paul made their way up the escalator together, boarding the plane they sat next to each other, John Paul and Craig holding hands as the plane took off, not letting go even as the plane touched down in Dublin.

The End

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Messenger Chapter 13

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Chapter Thirteen

John Paul stared for what seemed to be the longest moment, leaving Craig to watch him, trying to interpret what John Paul was thinking. After a few moments Craig couldn’t stand the silence any longer. “Look I know that this must be hard for you and I know that I should have asked you sooner, maybe it’s too short notice, I mean I leave tomorrow and…” Craig began to ramble only to be cut off by John Paul.


Craig couldn’t have heard what he thought he did, although he hoped. “What?” He asked, needing to be sure.

John Paul smiled. “I said Yes Craig; I’ll come with you back to Dublin. How could I not want to?”

Craig stared at John Paul in disbelief. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I am. I’m sure that I love you Craig.” John Paul answered.

“Right, Just you and me then.” Craig smiled.

“I better go and tell my mum, she’ll go mental if I leave without telling her.”

“Yeah, Course. I’ll see you later then? Or tomorrow?” Craig asked.

“Tomorrow, I’ll need to get a few things sorted for then anyway, so.”

John Paul stood. “Are you gonna be alright, I mean seen as you won’t be staying at the pub I mean.”

“I’ll be alright John Paul, I’ve got it sorted.”

“Right then. I’ll see you here tomorrow.”

John Paul lingered for a moment before he turned and made his way home. A smile on his face as he was lost in thoughts of what tomorrow would bring.

That night was filled with questions and raised voices at the McQueen household, followed by tears and gentle teasing as John Paul got ready to leave tomorrow, his family not quite approving of his choice but supporting and accepting it nevertheless.

John Paul grabbed his bags, looked around his bedroom for what he assumed would be the last time, taking in a few memories he had of this room, he headed downstairs. Seeing his family we’re nowhere to be found, they had said their farewells the night before, John Paul walked out of the front door, waiting for a moment before he pulled it shut with a click.

John Paul and Craig met at the airport, which had been decided via the phone call they had shared late last night when neither of them could fall to sleep.

Craig smiled at he saw John Paul approach the entrance. “Hey.” He greeted, pulling John Paul in to a hug before they walked inside the airport together.

After they checked in, they headed for the departure escalators, as Craig moved to get on to one of them John Paul faltered, standing behind Craig, He shook his head as Craig turned to face him. “I don’t think I can do this.”

To Be Continued.

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Messenger Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve

John Paul swallowed. How could this be happening, it all seemed to be going so well, he didn’t know if he could survive having his heart broken again. “Craig, what do you mean? I thought…” John Paul started, unable to let himself finish. I thought you loved me. I thought you’d never hurt me again. I thought you needed me as much as I need you.

Craig looked up to see John Paul seeing that look in his eyes he knew exactly what his thoughts had gone too. “Oh no, Baby it’s not about us I haven’t changed my mind.” Craig took John Paul’s hand, gently pulling John Paul down to sit beside him. “I’m never gonna stop loving you John Paul.” Craig reassured.

John Paul looked at Craig. “Then what is it?”

Craig hesitated for only a very brief moment. “I told my family about us, about how me and you were back to being…Well, Me and You…Us… as a couple. It went about as well as could have been expected. I mean they had there concerns when they found out we were talking again but now…

It was pretty tense....there was some shouting and stuff…I think they might just need time. At least I hope so…But…It’s just… It’s hard John Paul.”

“I know it’s hard Craig, but they came round once, maybe they will again.” John Paul reassured.

“I hope so John Paul. I’m just glad that…”

“Glad that what?”

“I’m glad that I’ve still got you.”

“You’ll always have me Craig.”

Craig took hold of John Paul’s hand, entwining his fingers with John Paul’s.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you John Paul…I don’t want to have to go back to Dublin tomorrow when you’re not gonna be there, I know I have to, I have Trinity and a job and friends, I love my life there…But there’s always been something missing, and that Something that happens to be a certain blue eyed bloke I’m in love with.

I know you have a life here John Paul; you have your family here, I know that and I know I wanna be selfish because I love you and when I’m not with you I miss you so much.

I know we’ll be able to stay in contact but it won’t be the same, I don’t want to be where you’re not. Come back with me to Dublin John Paul.”

To Be Continued.

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Messenger Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

Later that evening, John Paul was listening to his music, he hadn’t heard from Craig all day. He felt his insecurities rise up against him. What if Craig had changed his mind, what if his family had made him realise that he should stay with them? What if it was just a one off, a one night stand for old time’s sakes?

What if Craig left before John Paul got to see him again?

No, He knew better then that, Craig had told him he loved him, if last night had meant nothing to Craig he would have revealed it when they woke up that morning, They loved each other more then anything…..He just needed to remember that.

He suddenly heard his phone beep; alerting him to the fact he had a text message. He reached over, picking up the phone, he felt relief as he saw Craig’s name on his screen and after a slight hesitation. He opened the text.

Need to see you. Meet you at the fountain in ten mins?

Craig xx

John Paul switched his music off, typing a quick reply to Craig.

Leaving now. See you there.

John Paul xx

John Paul wondered what Craig wanted to see him about; He made his way downstairs, grabbing his coat on the way out of the front door.

John Paul took his time as he made his was to the fountain, resisting the urge to run there as fast as he could.

John Paul made it to the fountain, seeing Craig was already there, sitting at the fountain, he took a moment to just watch Craig for a few seconds, he couldn’t help but half smile at the sight of Craig. He began walking towards Craig, stopping as he stood beside him. Craig continued to stare ahead.

John Paul felt his concern grow. “Craig? Is everything okay?”

Craig remained silent for what seemed to an eternity, before he spoke. “No, it’s not.”

And just like that John Paul’s heart felt like it seemed to stop and crack.


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Messenger Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

As John Paul awoke he was aware of the distinct feeling someone was watching him, He opened his eyes and his suspicions were confirmed as he saw Craig watching him. “How long have you been staring for?” He asked.

Craig smiled. “Isn’t staring, I was watching you sleep, that’s all.”

John Paul grinned. “Still counts as staring, but I’ll forgive you.” He teased, leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss to Craig’s lips.

Craig gave him an incredulous look. “What am I your auntie?” John Paul grinned. “If I kissed you the way we both wanted me to we’d never get out of this bed.” He reasoned.

“And that would be a bad thing?” Craig asked.

“Well, seen as you have to go see your family it’s probably not the smartest idea.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yeah, ya do.”

Craig sighed, reaching out of bed and grabbing his clothes where they were strewn over the floor, he quickly got dressed, having to only do his shirt up halfway because of the missing buttons that John Paul had caused by ripping open the shirt.

He turned back to the bed and John Paul, leaning over and kissing him, “Craig.” John Paul groaned, “What? I’m out of bed; if you’re making me go and face my family I at least want a kiss before I go.”

John Paul pulled Craig to him, eagerly giving him a kiss that was anything but chaste. “Happy, now?2 He teased as he pulled away. “I’d be happier if I could stay here.” Craig answered.

John Paul sighed. “When do you leave?”

“Tomorrow.” Craig answered.

“Then go see your family and then after we’ll spend as much time together as you want before you go.” John Paul reasoned.

Craig got up heading for the door of John Paul’s room. “Fine I’m going. I’ll see you later. Happy now?” Craig teased. Walking out of the room, down the stairs and out of the front door.

John Paul let his head fall back to the pillow. “I’d be happier if you didn’t have to leave.”

Craig took a deep breath as he walked towards The Dog, He was pretty sure they were not going to like the news he had to tell them.


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Messenger Chapter 9

Well, I really rated this story PG but my inner John Paul and Craig wouldn’t allow me to keep it that way so this chapter is much more adult and Smutty.

Chapter 9

John Paul closed the short distance between them meeting Craig's lips with his. Craig's mouth opening to reciprocate, their tongues twining as the kiss became very heated.

John Paul let himself get lost in the kiss, in the taste of Craig. He could already feel himself hardening, as well as being aware that Craig was too, he pushed his hips forwards, brushing his hardness against Craig's. He knew he should pull away, that they should take it slow, but he wanted more. He wanted everything.

Craig hissed as he inhaled sharply as John Paul brushed again his now hard cock, He kissed John Paul harder. He wanted more, he needed this. He needed his John Paul.

Craig and John Paul clumsily made their way up the stairs, managing not to fall to the ground as they refused to pull away from each other.

They finally got to John Paul's room, The door pulled shut by Craig who then pushed John Paul against the wall kissing him furiously. Craig moved his hands under John Paul's T-shirt, needing to feel bare skin; He slid his hands up John Paul's stomach, before sliding up to his chest. Impatience getting the better of him, he separated his lips from John Paul's as he yanked the t-shirt off of him, Craig kissed his way along John Paul's now bare chest.

John Paul refusing to remain idle, hurriedly began undoing Craig's shirt, after a moment he pulled it open, buttons scattering, John Paul pushed the shirt off Craig's shoulders, Moving his hands to the bottom of Craig's remaining vest, he pulled Craig to him pressing a hard kiss to his lips before he pulled off Craig's vest, leaving them both shirtless.

John Paul led them over to the bed, pulling Craig down with him as he lay on his bed.

Craig placed kisses along John Paul’s chest, moving down to his stomach lingering to place soft kisses above John Paul’s Jeans, He kissed along John Paul’s stomach, moving his hands up John Paul’s thighs moving upwards until they stilled on John Paul’s belt, Craig undid the belt, pulling at the button of John Paul’s Jeans and pulling them down, he yanked John Paul’s boxers down, taking hold of John Paul’s cock, He enveloped His cock with his mouth, sucking eagerly as John Paul writhed and thrusted his hips.

John Paul panted as Craig hungrily proceeded to try and make him cum within seconds. At least that’s what he seemed to be going for, to John Paul at least. “Fuck…Craig.” John Paul moaned. He couldn’t help but thrust upwards as Craig took his cock fully in to his willing mouth, John Paul had to bite his bottom lip to stop himself from swearing repeatedly when Craig pulled away from his dick which was already leaking pre-cum.

Of course John Paul’s impatience was soothed when Craig shot him a grin before he leant down to suck and lick John Paul’s balls.

John Paul closed his eyes, reciting to himself the names of every Liverpool player to keep himself from losing control already. What Craig was doing felt wonderful but John Paul wanted more. “Craig…I want…I need more…Need to be inside you.”

Craig abandoned his place between John Paul’s thighs to move up and kiss John Paul, He stripped off his jeans kissing John Paul again before following John Paul to lean over and get what they needed from the drawer.

John Paul grabbed the bottom of lube and the square foil packet returning to the bed. He opened the condom, stilling when Craig grabbed his hand. “Craig what…” John Paul began, before being cut off by Craig.

“I wanna feel you, just you.” Craig explained. John Paul, stilled a moment before he threw the foil packet on top of his drawers, kissing Craig and grabbing the bottle of lubricant, spreading a large amount over his fingers, he kissed Craig once again, spreading the liquid over Craig’s entrance, knowing that he didn’t need to get Craig to turn over, they’d had always preferred to be able to see each other.

Craig grabbed the bottle from John Paul, Opening it and pouring it over his palm before he took a hold of John Paul’s cock, slicking it up even as he jerked John Paul, teasing just a little.

John Paul leaned down kissing Craig, the bottle forgotten as they kissed, John Paul aligned himself, sliding inside Craig, closing his eyes from how intense it was he hadn’t forgotten, if was almost always like this, however they made love there was always this connection between them, unable to explain it but they knew it was there.

John Paul rocked his hips forward, causing Craig inhale sharply. He sped up his thrusts, reaching a hand down to take a hold of Craig’s cock, his hand movements along Craig’s cock in time with his thrusts, there pace grew, furiously speeding up as they soon were close to their release.

Craig found his climax first, feeling John Paul inside him, “Fuck John Paul, God, Missed this, fucking missed you. Fuck yesss John Paul!” Craig chanted, his cum spurting as he climaxed. John Paul sped up, having watched Craig’s release spurring him on. “Fuck, Craig. Yesss fuck Sweetheart, yeah, Craig!” He cried, thrusting shallowly as he came.

John Paul withdrew from Craig, pushing himself up to lay beside Craig. Wrapping his arm around Craig’s shoulders. There exhaustion getting the better of them they closed there eyes. “Love you.” John Paul whispered in Craig’s ear, smiling as he heard Craig’s response of “I love you too.” Just before they both drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued.

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Messenger Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

“John Paul.” Craig started only to be cut off by John Paul.

“Craig I meant what I said it’s not gonna be that easy but I’ve had months to get over you alright, I’ve almost convinced myself that it was working, I’ve tried getting over you Craig I just don’t seem to be able to. Probably because I don’t wanna be over you. I love you Craig.”

Craig got up from the sofa approaching John Paul. "I know it's not gonna be easy John Paul, But I wanna try. I missed you so much I..."Craig shook his head looking down at the floor before he looked up his eyes meeting John Paul's. "I can't stop thinking about you."

"Deja vu." John Paul muttered.

Craig placed his hand on John Paul's neck, his thumb rubbing over his jaw. Craig leaned forward, His and John Paul's lips barely an inch away from each other's "Meant it then. Mean it now." Craig whispered.


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Messenger Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

John Paul pulled away from Craig, Standing up and walking behind the sofa before he turned back to Craig “Craig….I’ve been trying to get over you and now months later your telling me that You came back for me? Maybe if you’d done this sooner I could have thrown myself in with you. But I’ve spent months without you Craig you can’t just kiss me and tell me that you came back for me it just…It can’t be so easy. Even if we want it to be.”


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Messenger Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Craig looked up as John Paul held out a cup of tea to him; He took a sip before placing it on the table next to John Paul’s.

They sat in silence for a few moments, both having so much to say and yet really not finding anything to say at all.

“So how’s Trinity?” John Paul asked suddenly.

Craig shrugged. “It’s alright…I didn’t come here to make small talk about Trinity though John Paul.”

“Right, course not…You probably wanna go see your family, I’m sure that’s what you came for.” John Paul replied looking anywhere but Craig.

Craig cupped John Paul’s cheek, moving so John Paul was looking at him. “Craig We, I should really um go and…” Craig silenced him as he leaned forward brushing his lips against John Paul’s. Before Craig pulled back, locking eyes with John Paul.

“I came back for you John Paul.”


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